In Pacific Rim Charlie Hunnam teams up with Rinko Kikuchi to save mankind

It's been almost four years since "Hellboy II", the latest directorial project by Guillermo del Toro and now the filmmaker is almost ready to submit new film - "Pacific Rim". This SF promises action and according to Collider will make the worst monsters come on the big screen. Del Roro make something new for the film: he built a few blocks in Hong Kong only to have to demolish the shooting. Stars are Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman - known as "Hellboy". "Pacific Rim" will be released in U.S. July 12, 2013.

Pacific Rim Charlie Hunnam teams  Rinko Kikuchi

Legions of monstrous creatures known as Kaiju started to storm out at sea and on land. A war broke out with humanity, in which millions of people lost their lives and the planet's resources were consumed and wasted years to come. Kaiju are huge creatures and to meet people need special weapons, respectively Jaegers robots, mechanized giants built for simultaneous control of two pilots whose brains are linked by a neural bridge.

But even these Jaegers are almost vulnerable and powerful Kaiju resistance. Humanity is about to be defeated, and the only remaining solution is one that decision makers do not want it. Are called to help two unlikely heroes - a former pilot failed (Charlie Hunnam) and an inexperienced novice (Rinko Kikuchi). They shall be elected to form a team and lead a legendary Jaeger, outdated technology but who could win battles in the past. Together they are the last hope of humanity.

Normally these days would have to see what Charlie Hunnam and motorcycle leading the fictional town Charming, breaking noses and engaging in fights with other gangs moticicliƟti, how does the 3 seasons since the show Sons of Anarchy. But actor 31 years old was delighted beyond measure at the roles he played in films and entered into negotiations for a role in the new project of Guillermo del Toro - Pacific Rim.

Written by Travis Beacham, the film presents humanity as violent creatures and gigantic attack that threatens to wipe us off the face of the earth. To meet this threat, people must remain united and build a very advanced weapons.

Guillermo del Toro has chosen to work at Pacific Rim after adaptation At The Mountains of Madness stuck in production due to budgetary issues.

If he sign Hunnam will play the title role in the film: the pilot of one of the weapons used to destroy enemies. Charismatic actor soon to be seen alongside Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson in The Ledge adulterous drama.

Pacifim Rim New Poster

Here we can see the first official image of Idris Elba in futuristic suit of Pacific Rim mega movie director Guillermo Del Toro, which seems to be the most impressive monster movie ever to be made. Massive project of Guillermo Del Toro, sci-fi film that bears the struggle between ultra sophisticated mechanized units (mech) and giant ocean monsters, called Pacific Rim is in development for many years.

The film went into production in the end, several months ago. All this is about to change, because today we have the first official image of future sci-fi action film Pacific Rim. If you still did not know, the Pacific Rim will take place sometime in the future, when soldiers piloting giant robots to fight against giant monsters who mysteriously emerged from the oceans.

The film will be a tribute to Japanese monster movies giant known as Kaiju.
And nobody knows better than monsters Guilermo Del Toro, this film will be entirely directed creation that promises to produce a movie that we never seen before.

If last month until May did not know anything about Pacific Rim, the film in which giant robots fighting giant monsters, amid an alien invasion that people are working hard to prevent, behold, not long ago people Warner Bros. sinsopis have released the official movie.

Pacifim Rim Movie 2013 Poster Official

Guillermo Del Toro with Warner Bros Pictures and Legendary Pictures will bring to life the legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju inexplicably coming out of the oceans, starting a war that will take millions of lives and human resources consumed to the last.

To cope with giants monsters were created special weapons, massive robots called Jaeger, simultaneously controlled by two pilots whose minds are connected to neurological bridge. But even these Jaeger prove no defense against relentless Kaiju.
Left without solutions, leaders are people forced to turn to two men who seem to be far from suiting the heroes, a former pilot who went out of hand and a rookie that nobody knows what can skin.

The two have to fly a legendary Jaeger, used in the early years of the invasion of monsters. Together, the two pilots are the last hope of humanity in the face of apocalypse.

Pacifim Rim New Poster

The film wants to create a world where the giant characters are well integrated in their presence seem more real and show us how this affects mankind, both politically and environmentally. Oscar nominee Guillermo Del Toro will direct Pacific Rim, from a screenplay by Travis Beach, along with Callum Greene is executive producer. The film also stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman.

Del Toro is behind the team confidence that it includes Guillermo Navarro, production designer Andrew Neskoromny, editor Peter Amundson and costume designer Kate Hawley. Things sound pretty good so far, and the first picture looks pretty nice, but to realize that this is a movie with some real Del Toro must necessarily see the first pictures of giant creatures and especially giant robots. After all, the director promised us last year that Pacific Rim will be, quote: "production with the largest robots ever seen on screen". Pacific Rim is scheduled for release as of July 12, 2013.

Pacific Rim Release Date and Cast

Pacific Rim Movie 2013 Announced since last year, Pacific Rim SF movie has sparked the imagination of fans and new statements by director Guillermo del Toro come to strengthen the public interest in this production. In an interview devoted to promoting his new movie, Do not Be Afraid of the Dark, the filmmaker said something about his science fiction.

Collider asked how it is with Pacific Rim, Del Toro said he was more than satisfied with the movie progress, calling this work "the greatest experience of his life". The director wanted to say that he working with great pleasure and feels strongly drawing the characters and concepts of image sets. According to him, "the most impressive monster movie ever made" and now completed its distribution, to what is expected to begin filming in November.

Pacific Rim movie is placed in the alternative future of the Earth and its story centers on those at the control panels of some giant robots will resist alien, monster huge underground sea tunnel arising through near the coastline.

Pacific Rim cast include Charlie Hunnam (Chrildren of Men, the series Sons of Anarchy) and Idris Elba (Heimdall of Thor) and Charlie Day (Going the Distance It's Always Sunny and series in Philadeplhia) are in discussions for other scores.

Pacific Rim release date was set for July 12, 2013. Pacific Rim took place At the Mountains of Madness on the list of projects that Guillermo del Toro will start work soon and seems to be nothing less from it. New details obtained by site support this idea and helps us to imagine the look and proportions of this future exciting movie.

Here's what we expect from science fiction monster giant recently announced his Del Toro. The movie will be divided between two worlds. One is a futuristic version of Earth where, in November 2012, a giant monster attacks out of the Pacific Ocean and Osaka, one of the largest cities of Japan.

The other is called The Anteverse and place where it came from terrible monster. But this is not the only one which will endanger coastal cities. A lot of terrible creatures, the impressive, are appearing through a portal, located 8 km below sea level.

In order to fight these monsters and destroy the army implement the "Jaeger", in which pilots are trained to control the robot size costumes like monsters equipped with shields and weapons of latest technology. Central character of this epic adventure will be piloted Raleigh Antrobus, sent on mission in Tokyo. Pacific Rim trailer will be here as soon as possible.

Pacific Rim movie Mexican Guillermo del Toro has branded his next movie, Pacific Rim as "the greatest monster movie ever made."

Pacific Rim release date was set to 12 July 2013 in USA, while filming start date is set at 31 October 2011. Havind this release date in summer 2013, it seems that Pacific Rim will be one of the best movies of 2013 and could be a good candidate for the best sci-fi movie of 2013. Although it is only in pre-production, announced that Pacific Rim is a huge blow to Warner Bros. studios.

"We are in the casting period and is a great experience" revealed director of 46 years for Collider.

About Pacific Rim cast we have good news for you: Charlie Day will be Newt Gotlieb, Idris Elba will be Stacker Pentecost, Charlie Hunnam will be Raleigh Antrobus and Rinko Kikuchi will be Mako mori. Intersting cast for Pacific Rim movie.

EVA production is part of a huge budget and is scheduled for summer 2013. Pacific Rim will be the story of giant robots that rises from the water, handle people and trying to save the planet from alien attack.

"In November we will start shooting for the biggest monsters film ever made" del Toro has revealed. Filming will begin in Toronto. We promise that Pacific Rim trailer will be here soon.